Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a MOQ / minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity, but there is a minimum order value of £20. Small order quantities in general will be charged at a higher rate. Larger quantities get the best prices.

Is there a minimum manufacturing quantity?

As a general guide 5,000 pieces, but this depends on product size, material and what is being produced on the machines at the time. Please ask before you assume we cannot make a small quantity.

Does the London Screw Company carry stock?

We have over 1500 stock items and over 100 tonnes of stock available for immediate shipment. Our stock list is available on request.

Can you keep consignment stock for customer call-offs?

If customers can forecast their future needs and make a commitment to take the stock then The London Screw Company will manufacture and store consignment stock. Through this arrangement customers will always have stock available for immediate delivery and at the best price!

Can you manufacture fasteners to a drawing or sample?

Manufacturing specials and customising fasteners is a very important part of our business. Like all fastener manufacturers we are limited to what our machines can make, but due to the wealth of knowledge and supreme skills of our employees we are able to successfully make special products that our competitors have often shied away from.

Do you make imperial threaded and sized fasteners?

As the oldest fastener manufacturer in the UK we cut our teeth on imperial fasteners. If you need inch sizes and UNC, UNF, Whitworth, BSF or BA threads then we can manufacturer them, or we may even already have them in stock!

Are your metric fasteners made to DIN standards?

We manufacture metric bolts and screws that are within the DIN Standard guidelines. If customers specifically require more accurately controlled tolerances on the thread and head dimensions then we must know this in advance of the making the parts. Our regular quality control parameters will then be adjusted accordingly.

Can your fasteners be used in safety critical applications?

None of our fasteners should be used in safety critical applications. If customers choose to use London Screw Company fasteners in applications where there is a risk of injury if the fastener fails then the London Screw Company cannot be held responsible.

Are your fasteners transported in bags or boxes?

Most of our fasteners are sent out in strong plain white bags with a maximum weight of 20kgs per bag. If a customer requires specific bagging, boxing or shipment arrangements then we will do all we can to accommodate these requests. Additional charges may be applied.