Established in 1870, The London Screw Company Ltd. is probably the longest running screw and bolt manufacturer in the UK.

The company was originally founded in Smethwick, Birmingham and at that time employed up to 140 people making ‘cut screws’ for horse drawn vehicles.

In the early 20th century the company specialised in making screws, hooks and bolts for telegraph and later telephone poles. However the demand for these products declined in the 1960’s and The London Screw Company downsized and moved to its present location on Park Lane, Halesowen.

Today, London Screw is a vibrant company, making cold headed and thread rolled screws and bolts for a diverse range of industries.

The secret of the company’s robust success is that it is still as committed as ever to its traditional values of producing high quality fasteners on-site, listening to customer requirements and delivering promises at the right price and on time.

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