Non-standard sizes and longer lengths are one of our specialities. You want a 96mm long metric screw, no problem.

Or you can’t get those imperial thread types such as UNC, UNF, Whitworth, BSF, BA.  No problem.

May be you need a trilobular thread or special machine screw design. No problem.

Perhaps you want, a pan head, counter sunk, round head, flanged hex head or raised counter sunk machine screw? Maybe with a PH or PZ or TX or even a Security recess or any combination of the above?  

Possibly you need another material other than mild steel?  We keep brass, bronze, boron alloy (for hardened steel), aluminium and A2 stainless wires in stock, so no problem!  And all of our fasteners can be coated or plated to your specific requirements (self colour, BZP, YZP, special coatings and galvanised finishes are all available at your request).